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TrueChrome call for excellent scientific images from around the world!

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Excellent scientific imaging can not only convey a rich scientific meaning, but also to show unique natural beauty, to arouse people's interest in science, attract people to observe their natural environment, understand the world and explore more unknown mystery.


Embrace the beauty of science in 2017, on the occasion of the third anniversary of their TrueChrome camera, Tucsen is collaborating with global partners to conduct scientific imaging exchange activities to solicit outstanding scientific images from global TrueChrome camera users and scientific enthusiasts. The theme of the event is not limited to life sciences: astronomy; physical; medical, environmental, ecological, microscopic and other scientific research activities related to the original works can participate.


1.The activities of the organization


Organizer: Fuzhou Tucsen Co., Ltd. (referred to as TUCSEN)

Co-operation: Tucsen plans global cooperation with dealers and agents


2. The form of activities


All works will be through Tucsen global cooperative dealers and agents responsible for the unified collection of works and choose to participate in the final selection of outstanding works.


3. Duration


Today until October 7, 2017


4. The content requirements


A. Works must have used TrueChrome cameras to obtain the images and do not form part of previously publicly published works.

* "Publicly published" means but is not limited to: in the organization, the mass media, public forums or public events, including its website, publications and publications published or used works; published in the personal business of the blog or Facebook or other social media.


B. the work can be a single image, it can be a group chart (5 or less) or video (1 minute or less), each piece of work should be controlled within 50MB size.


C. The image post-processing can only use the camera configuration software based on the basic functions of the image processing and information labeling. Other software can be used for image compression, format conversion, but not to change the basic structure and style, not for image splicing, synthesis, screen layout adjustment.


D. The author is required to provide imaging system photos, and samples, collection conditions and the image, including a brief introduction.


E. The author must participate in their own name, and provide real name and contact information to facilitate the delivery of prizes.


F. Each person can submit up to three images or videos.  


G. If the submitted pictures, video and information are considered irrelevant, the organizers have the right to  deem them as invalid contributions.


5. The assessment criteria


Scientific photographic works should have both scientific significance and visual beauty, while the collection conditions and post-processing brief description are important. TUCSEN will organize experts according to the following criteria for the final selection of works:


A. visual beauty and creativity: 40%

B. scientific meaning and description: 40%

C. acquisition conditions and processing: 20%


* Competition scores are not affected by the unique or unusual use of the equipment.

* TUCSEN will retain the interpretation of the scoring criteria, participants agree to respect the results of the review.


6. Outstanding works publicity and reward


The final selection of outstanding works will be on the Tucsen official website, WeChat, public number and other related platforms announced;

Authors who earn excellent works will receive a TrueChrome Metrics camera from a local dealer, or receive a certain cash bonus from the camera, which can be negotiated with the local dealer.


7. Activity flow chart



8. Activities support


Tucsen Global Dealers will be committed to providing free event cameras for event participants in order to support enthusiasts who have no camera but have the intention to participate in the event as much as possible.

You can contact your local dealer or by the Tucsen through the official website message to contact us the way, please leave a message marked "Apply for TrueChrome photography camera" and fill out the specific contact information and other relevant information, such as:



9. The organizers statement


A. Disclaimer: TUCSEN advocates respect for the original works of the selection, so in the activities due to copyright, copyright is not clear and legal disputes arising from the participants individually responsible, TUCSEN does not assume any responsibility.


B. Declaration of Rights: All entries will be deemed to be authorized by TUCSEN for free publicity and promotion of related activities.


C. TUCSEN reserves the right to cancel the eligibility criteria for violating the rules of the event.


10, Download the event registration form


Click here to download.

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