TrueChrome AF

1080P HDMI CMOS Camera with Capture, Measurement and Autofocus.

  • 6.46mm Diagonal FOV
  • 1920 x 1080 Resolution
  • 2.9μm x 2.9μm Pixel Size
  • 25fps@HDMI, 35fps@USB2.0
  • HDMI, USB 2.0, SD
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The TrueChrome AF is an aotofocus HDMI CMOS Camera , which can significantly reduce the frequency of focusing during microscopy, also built-in perfect color restoration algorithm, image acquisition, processing, measurement functions, no computer required, very easy to use.

  • High-speed Autofocus

    The TrueChrome AF offers both continuous and single-shot autofocus modes. It also supports mouse wheel control for fine-tuning. Data transfer up to 25 frames per second enables users to get clear images with ease.

    High-speed Autofocus
  • Quick capture and measurement functions

    The TrueChrome Metrics not only providesNot only fast image processing and shooting functions, but also rich measurement tools, including freehand line, rectangle, polygon, circle, bicircle, angle, point-line distance and much more with Three different length units of millimeter, centimeter, and micrometer.

    Quick capture and measurement functions
  • Perfect Color Reproduction

    TUCSEN's color processing is capable of a new level of precision, matches the monitor image to the eyepiece view, produces extremely-high color definition.

    Perfect Color Reproduction

Specification >

  • Model: TrueChrome AF
  • Sensor Type: CMOS
  • Sensor Model: SONY IMX307LQR-C
  • Color/Mono: Color
  • Array Diagonal: 6.46mm
  • Resolution: 2MP, 1920(H) x 1080(V)
  • Pixel size: 2.9μm x 2.9μm
  • Effective area: 5.6mm x 3.1mm
  • Shutter Mode: Rolling
  • Frame Rate: 35fps@USB2.0, 25fps@HDMI
  • Exposure Time: 1ms-10s
  • SD Format: FAT32
  • Color Temperature: 1800-10000K
  • Software: HDMI: Cloud 1.0 Ver USB: Mosaic V2
  • HDMI Key Settings: Preview: 1920x1080, Capture: 3264x1840, Vedio recording: 25fps@1920x1080
  • Multiple Cameras: Supports 4 Cameras Simultaneously in SDK
  • Optical interface: Standard C Mount
  • Power: 2.4W
  • Camera weight: 452g
  • Dimensions: 90.7mm x 78mm x 70.8mm
  • Data Interface: HDMI. USB2.0, SD card
  • Operating environment: Temperature: -10~45℃
    Humidity: 10%~85%
  • Operating system: Windows 7/10 (32 Bit/64 Bit)/Mac
  • PC configuration: CPU: Intel Core i5 or better(Quad or more Core), RAM: 8G or more
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Applications >

Download >

  • TrueChrome AF Brochure

    TrueChrome AF Brochure

    download zhuanfa
  • TrueChrome AF Dimension

    TrueChrome AF Dimension

    download zhuanfa
  • Software-Mosaic V2.4.0 (Windows)

    Software-Mosaic V2.4.0 (Windows)

    download zhuanfa
  • Software-Mosaic V2.3.1 (Mac)

    Software-Mosaic V2.3.1 (Mac)

    download zhuanfa
  • Plugin-Directshow and Twain

    Plugin-Directshow and Twain

    download zhuanfa
  • Driver-TUCam Camera Driver V1.5.0.1

    Driver-TUCam Camera Driver V1.5.0.1

    download zhuanfa

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