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TrueChrome Metrics

TrueChrome Metrics built-in digital image measurement system integrates freehand lines, rectangle, polygon, circle, bicircle, angle and point-line distance ect. Measurement tools which will meet multiple measurement requirements in different applications. And the unprecedented calibration and magnification functions make the measurements more convenient and simple.


1.Integrated digital Image measurement System

2.Multiform measurement tools

3.Micron level measurement accuracy

4.Measurement for various applications

5.Convenient measurement data management

6.The continuation of the TrueChrome II’s heritage


HDMI installation

1. Use the 12V2A power supply. Use the HDMI cable to connect the camera to the monitor, and press ON/OFF key to switch on the camera. 2. Connect a mouse to the USB port to control the camera directly. 3. Insert SD card, the images and video will be saved in the SD card.


1. Use the 12V2A power supply. When power is plugged in, the red light is on. Press ON/OFF key to switch on the camera, blue light is on. 2. Use USB2.0 cable to connect the camera to the PC .Use ISCapture software to control it.


1. 1. What are the main differences between TrueChrome Metrics and TrueChrome II?

The TrueChrome Metrics is based on the TrueChrome II, but with the additional professional digital image measurement functions. The various measuring tools and micron measurement accuracy have led to creative breakthroughs in the field of micro metrology.

2. 2. How many measurement functions TrueChrome Metrics has?

The TrueChrome Metrics provides extremely powerful measurement functionality including: freehand lines, rectangles, polygons, circles, bicircles, angles, point-line distance and much more.

3. 3. What’s the minimum measurement unit TrueChrome Metrics provides?

The TrueChrome Metrics is capable of delivering measurements with the precision to 10 nanometers which provides an incredible metrology capability in the most demanding situations.

4. What is the practical measurement applications of TrueChrome Metrics:

It is able to measure point-line distance, angles, the length of curves and lines. The camera can measure the perimeter & area of enclosed features such as: rectangles, polygons, and circles whether the specimen is a tiny cell or common industrial part.

5. What data outputs does the TrueChrome Metrics provide?

TrueChrome Metrics currently supports three kinds of data outputs: USB2.0, HDMI and SD card.

6. Can TrueChrome Metrics can be used for fluorescence imaging?

Taking advantage of the ultra high signal to noise ratio sensor, TrueChrome Metrics is suitable to be used for strong fluorescence imaging. But we recommend to choose Tucsen Dhyana series if used for weak fluorescence imaging.

7. How about the stability of TrueChrome Metrics?

TrueChrome Metrics is the latest member of the unique TrueChrome series. With the strong technology of Tucsen, the company has all of the authoritative certifications such as: ISO9001; EMC; EMVA1288; RoHS; CE; FCC; HDMI and so on.

8. Does the camera could support SDK/Twain/Direct show?


9. What is included?

One TrueChrome Metrics camera, HDMI cable, USB 2.0 cable, power adaptor with 12V 2A output, high speed SD card, USB mouse and a CD with the application software TCapture.

10. Where can I find support for TCapture?

Visit the TCapture column at Accessories on our website to get detailed information.

11. How long is the TrueChrome Metrics camera and the accessories guaranteed?

Excluding damage from misuse, the camera has a 2-year warranty period, and other accessories a 1-year warranty period.

12. How to connect the TrueChrome Metrics to the microscope?

Please download the document “Tucsen camera manual” and follow the appropriate steps.

13. Which operating systems are supported by TrueChrome Metrics?

TrueChrome Metrics currently supports Windows XP or later.

14. How do I get support for issues with the camera or software?

You can contact us in the following ways: 1. Leave a message on-line, 2. Call the official hot-line 0086-591-88194580 or 3. E-mail to support@tucsen.com.

15. What is the shipment lead-time for the TrueChrome Metrics?

The camera will be shipped within two working days after payment has been received.

16. How about the shipping options, products logistics transport time and cost?

You can choose FedEx, UPS, TNT, DHL, S.F. Express, Yun Da and other domestic and international express delivery, available for air or sea transportation. The shipping cost will be based on the requested shipping method.

17. How should the camera be stored?

Please store the products in a dry environment at temperature between -20 to 70℃.


Tucsen camera manual(TCapture)  PDF Download  ZIP Download
Retina Screen Installation manual  PDF Download  ZIP Download
TCapture Instruction Manual  PDF Download  ZIP Download
TrueChrome Metrics Leaflet  PDF Download  ZIP Download
Windows MSVCP100.dll (Missing system patches)  EXE Download  ZIP Download