Dhyana XV

Vacuum-compatable in-vaccum high-speed BSI sCMOS cameras for soft X-ray and EUV direct detection

  • Reliable Invacuum Design
  • ~100% Peak QE @ 80-1000 eV
  • 10⁻6 Pa Vacuum Compatbility
  • 2Kx2K, 4Kx4K, 6Kx6K Resolution
  • USB 3.0
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The Dhyana XV are a series of fully in-vacuum, high-speed, cooled sCMOS cameras which utilize various back-illuminated sensors without anti-reflection coating for soft X-ray and EUV direct detection. With a high-vacuum-seal design and vacuum-compatible materials make these cameras well suited for UHV applications.

  • Flexible Camera Placement Possibility

    Every Dhyana XV is tested in vacuum, specially including the liquid cooling, feedthroughs and electrical cables, giving exceptional reliability within the vacuum chamber. What's more, customization of feedthrough flange is possible.

    Flexible Camera Placement Possibility
  • Soft X-ray Energy Sensitivity

    New generation back-illuminated sCMOS sensors without antireflective coating, extend the camera capability to detect vacuum ultra violet (VUV) light, extreme ultra violet (EUV) light and soft x-ray photons with quantum efficiency approaching 100%. In addition, the sensor demonstrates excellent resistance to radiation damage in soft x-ray detection applications.

    Soft X-ray Energy Sensitivity
  • Varies Format Sensor Options

    Based on the same hardware platform, The Dhyana XV series has a range of back-illuminated sCMOS sensors with different resolutions and pixel sizes 2Kx2K, 4Kx4K, 6Kx6K.

    Varies Format Sensor Options
  • High Frame Rate

    Compared with conventional CCD cameras used in this market, the new sCMOS provides more than 10x higher readout speed via high-speed data interface which means saving much more time during the image acquisition.

    High Frame Rate

Specification >

  • Model: Dhyana XV
  • Sensor Type: BSI sCMOS
  • Sensor Model: non anti-reflection coating
  • Peak QE: ~100%
  • Spectral Range: 80~1000eV, 200~1100nm
  • Pixel Size: 6.5 x 6.5 μm/11 x 11 μm, 9 x 9 μm, 10 x 10 μm
  • Resolution: 2048x2048, 4096x4096, 6144x6144
  • Array Diagonal: 1.2 inch/2 inch, 3.2 inch, 5.4 inch
  • Effective area: 13.3x 13.3 mm/22.5 x 22.5 mm, 36.9 x36.9 mm, 61.4 x 61.4 mm
  • Shutter: Rolling
  • Cooling Method: Water cooling
  • Cooling Temperature: 60°C Below Ambient Temperature (Max)
  • Vacuum Compatibility: 10⁻6 Pa (Max)
  • Trigger Mode: Hardware trigger, Software trigger
  • Output Trigger Signals: Exposure Start, simulated Global, Readout End, High level, Low Level
  • Trigger Interface: Hirose
  • Data Interface: filber to USB3.0 (fiber inside the vacuum)
  • Flange Size: Feedthrough DN100CF/Customization
  • Software: Mosaic, Samplepro, LabView, Matlab
  • SDK: C,C++,C#
  • Operating System: Windows, Linux
  • Operating Environment: Temperature 0~40°C, Humidity 10~85%
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