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A global camera company. Designing and manufacturing in China. Consistently delivering value.

Our Business >

A Global Camera Company.

Tucsen designs and manufactures camera technology focused on Scientific Research and Challenging Inspection. Our focus is to create reliable camera devices which allow our customers to answer challenging questions. Engineering talent and relationships with our sensor providers allow us to drive product performance and our business model allows us to also drive a price advantage.  With operations in Europe, North America and Asia we help customers in numerous markets across the world to discover the answers to quality, research and medical questions.

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Designing and Manufacturing in China

Tucsen is proud to design and manufacture in the Peoples Republic of China. With operations in Fuzhou, Chengdu and Changchun we can access a growing pool of extremely talented engineers to drive a pipeline of new technology and ideas into products faster than our competitors. By utilizing our situation as a volume supplier, we can also take advantage of local supply chains to ensure we can manufacture on time and pass on our cost advantage.

Consistently Delivering Value. 

Tucsen delivers value. We deliver products that meet our specifications as noted at prices that help our customers achieve their goals. We are not cheap, we provide value, and there is a large difference. We do not have to drive a corporate share price; we drive customer value. We do not add unused features to explain pricing, we drive repeatable consistency to allow our customers to hit cost targets or spend their savings on other items. We manage our business for efficiency, we control our business to deliver consistency and we drive the business to deliver constantly.


Our Values >

Consultant & Educator.

Tucsen is dedicated to helping our customers find the answer that works for them. Specifications help customers make decisions; however, the best decisions are made when the impact of the specification is understood and demonstrated. Tucsen provides free educational content and courses to help our customers learn how to select, test, and get the best from our cameras.


Tucsen, established in 2011 continues to innovate. Examples include delivering the markets first back illuminated sCMOS camera device in April 2016 with our partner Gpixel.  Altering the way people teach, capture and make measurements in microscopy with HDMI and embedded computer technology. More recently taking sCMOS technology to greater heights delivering near 100% QE with Pulsar technology, creating the smallest sCMOS package for OEM customers and creating true large format variants with staggering 86mm sensor diameters.

Driven by our people

Our people make our business. With more than 150 staff across 3 locations, we have been consistently growing for over 10 years. We are utilizing a growing local talent pool to help us drive innovation and get products to market faster to help our customers take first mover advantage. We are also dedicated to building our teams outside China recently adding more resources to Europe and America to help expand and service our growing business in those areas.

Powered by Partnership

Partnership is very important at Tucsen for both our customers and suppliers. We work hand in hand with our sensor and component suppliers to ensure we are driving the limits of performance. We also serve our customers to the best of our ability, ensuring we create long standing relationships built on earned trust.

Designed for customization

Tucsen is a volume camera manufacturer, the end-users of our instruments are normally unaware that our products are helping give them the answers their specific device or instrument is providing them.

Building on a series of core platforms, we can allow for rapid customisation for businesses wanting to private label products to serve segmented markets or for those building custom instruments who need tighter control of parts and design.

Pushing Forward

Since being established in 2011, Tucsen has grown consistently, adding new products for current and new markets each year. This has been achieved through focused management and clear direction. By recently adding new R & D facilities in China and expanding our Sales & Marketing efforts in Europe and America we continue to our push to growth.

Tucsen is on a journey, to deliver more products that help answer complicated questions whilst simultaneously delivering fair value to our customers.

Working with us >

Working with Tucsen starts with you contacting Sales. With communication initiated we can arrange to get you regional pricing and for volume or custom projects, we can arrange a web meeting to discuss the project and provide options.

For some markets we work with a regional distribution network of trained dealers, and we may introduce you to a local agent to help you with your inquiry following your initial contact.

For OEM channels or advanced research cameras, we service customers directly and will always try to establish direct contact by email or phone to arrange a discussion to ensure we offer the correct product and configuration.

If needed, we can arrange the loan of some products for evaluation following a meeting and determination of relevance.


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