Dhyana 9KTDI

BSI TDI sCMOS camera designed for low light and high speed inspection.

  • 82%@550nm Peak QE
  • 5μm x 5μm Pixel Size
  • 9072 Resolution
  • 510kHz@9K
  • CoaXPress2.0
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The Dhyana 9KTDI  adopts a new generation of back-illuminated TDI CMOS technology, with a spectral response capability of 200-1100nm, which can be used in the fields of ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared imaging;  TDI technology brings extremely high SNR in low light applications,  and the high-speed line frequency of up to 510kHz@9K can greatly improve the visual detection efficiency.

  • 82% High QE/Wide spectrum

    The Dhyana 9KTDI adopts back-illuminated sCMOS technology and has a wide spectral response capability of 200nm-1100nm. Combined with 256-level TDI and cooling technology, it can be better used in low-light imaging fields such as ultraviolet, visible light and near-infrared.

    82% High QE/Wide spectrum
  • 256 TDI Stage Provides High SNR

    The Dhyana 9KTDI supports 16~256 levels of TDI (time delay integration) imaging, which can increase the signal integration per unit time to obtain images with higher signal-to-noise ratio under limited lighting conditions.

    256 TDI Stage Provides High SNR
  • High Throughput up to 510kHz @ 9K

    The Dhyana 9KTDI is equipped with the latest CXP-12 high-speed interface. The 9K@510kHz line frequency means a data throughput of 4590Mpixel per second, which is almost 6 times that of the current mainstream 8K line scan cameras and more than 50 times that of the back-illuminated TDI-CCD cameras.

    High Throughput up to 510kHz @ 9K

Specification >

  • Model: Dhyana 9KTDI
  • Sensor Type: BSI sCMOS TDI
  • Sensor Model: Gpixel GLT5009BSI
  • Color/Mono: Mono
  • Array Diagonal : 45.4mm
  • Resolution: 9072
  • Pixel Size: 5μm x 5μm
  • Effective area: 45.36mm x 1.28mm
  • QE: 82%@550nm;50%@350nm;38%@800nm
  • Max. Line Rate: 300kHZ@12bit;345kHZ@10bit;510kHZ@8bit
  • Operation Mode: TDI/Area
  • TDI Stage: 4/8/16/32/64/128/192/256
  • Scan Direction: Forward/Reverse/Trigger Control
  • CTE: ≥0.99993
  • Data Bit Depth: 12bit、10bit、 8bit
  • Full-Well capacity: 15.5ke-@12bit;14ke-@10bit
  • Dynamic Range: 68.7dB@12bit;63.6dB@10bit
  • Readout noise: 7.2e-@12bit;11.4e-@10bit
  • DSNU: 1.5e-@12bit;3.5e-@10bit
  • PRNU: 0.3%
  • Binning: 2x1; 4x1; 8x1
  • Data Interface: CoaXPress 2.0
  • Cooling Method: Air & Liquid cooling
  • Cooling temperature: 40℃ below ambient
  • Dark Current: 950e-/p/s@Chip temperature -10℃
  • ROI: Support
  • Trigger Mode: Trigger Input, Scan Direction Input
  • Output Trigger Signals: Strobe out
  • Trigger Interface: HR10A-7R-4S
  • Timestamp Accuracy: 8 ns
  • Gain: Analog Gain: x2 ~ x8; Digital Gain: x0.5 ~ x10
  • Optical Interface: M72/User customization
  • Power Supply: 12V/8A
  • Power Consumption: < 60W
  • Dimensions: 86mm x 86mm x 109mm
  • Weight: 1100g
  • Software: Samplepro/Matlab
  • SDK: GenICamTM
  • Operating System: Windows/Linux
  • Certification: CE/RoHS
  • Operating Environment: Working Environment: Temperature 0~40°C/Humidity 0~85%
    Storage Environment: Temperature 0~60°C/Humidity 0~90%
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Applications >

Download >

  •  Dhyana 9KTDI Brochure

    Dhyana 9KTDI Brochure

    download zhuanfa
  • Dhyana 9KTDI Dimension

    Dhyana 9KTDI Dimension

    download zhuanfa
  • Plugin-Labview ( with user guide )

    Plugin-Labview ( with user guide )

    download zhuanfa
  • Plugin-Matlab ( with user guide )

    Plugin-Matlab ( with user guide )

    download zhuanfa
  • Plugin-Micromanager ( with user guide )

    Plugin-Micromanager ( with user guide )

    download zhuanfa

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