Tucsen Photonics to integrate the GSENSE6510BSI sensor, offering more options for a large field of view, high-speed sCMOS customer


Tucsen Photonics announces its intention to manufacture cameras based around the Gpixel GSENSE6510BSI sensor.

“We are extremely happy to add this sensor which extends the functionality to our existing sCMOS range and we hope to provide more customers with access to this technology at fair and reasonable pricing” noted Lou Feng, Head of Business Development.


Group 1

The Gpixel GSENSE6510BSI sensor provides 3200 x 3200 (10.2 MP) resolution with industry-standard 6.5 μm x 6.5 μm pixel and large 29.4 mm diagonal for increased throughput in microscopy applications compared to classical 19 mm sCMOS devices. With a peak QE of 95% and read noise of 0.7 e‾ median, the sensor achieves exceptional signal-to-noise in extremly low light applications.


Gpixel GSENSE6510BSI


“We have clearly demonstrated our ability to not only develop but satisfy multiple OEM and end-user customers, with high-end sCMOS products from Gpixel including their GSENSE, GMAX, GLUX, GL, and GSPRINT ranges. We expect to develop the cameras in the next few months and look forward to sharing more information on the specifications and pricing in the coming weeks.”



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