Tucsen Launches the Mosaic 3.0 Camera Software, Unifying sCMOS and CMOS Platforms into One.


Tucsen is proud to introduce their latest camera control and analysis software Mosaic 3.0. This software integrates Tucsen’s sCMOS and CMOS software into a unified platform, adding various analysis tools, incorporating computational imaging functions, optimizing the user interface design, to help users enhance imaging experiment efficiency.

Real-time Analysis Tools


Mosaic 3.0 adds various real-time analysis tools and introduces a physical science application mode to provide you the real-time quantitative data references, adjusting experimental parameters instantly, improving experimental efficiency.

EN High light-Binning -GIF

Figure 1 the Physical Science Mode

In the physical science mode, the preview window can display real-time intensity curves in the horizontal and vertical directions of reference pixels. It also supports real-time histogram, binning, and a line profile tools for real-time intensity analysis.

Computational Imaging Functions


Mosaic 3.0 incorporates image algorithms such as automatic white balance and automatic exposure, requiring minimal manual adjustment to capture high-quality images with just one click. It also offers powerful and practical computational imaging functions such as real-time stitching, real-time EDF, and automatic counting, making capture and analysis time-saving and effortless.

EN High light-Image stitching -GIF

Figure 2 the Real-time Stitching Demo

User-friendly Interaction Design


Mosaic 3.0 also allows the user to optimize their layout based on their imaging needs. You can not only adjust settings based on real-time information such as chip temperature and cache utilization, but also customize your own exclusive workspace through custom configuration, making your operations more intuitive and efficient.

EN High Light-Config-GIF

Figure 3 the Custom Configuration

Mosaic 3.0 is completely free for Tucsen camera users. Welcome to download or contact us for more information.




Download  Mosaic 3.0 Software Package

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