Tucsen Mosaic 2.2 Software Coming with New functions


Tucsen microscope imaging software upgrade ! Mosaic, the very successful microscope imaging and analysis software from Tucsen, eventually ushers a 2020 annual version- Mosaic 2.2. New version not only brings multiple new functions, but also accelerates the core algorithms, creating a more simple, efficient and stable microscopic working mode for you.

1) “Auto-counting” function
Auto counting is very practical in biological research, industrial analysis and clinical experiment, for confirming the quantity and size of cells or other particles. However, at present, most software only provides “manual-counting” functions. If need further accurate and automatic measurement and analysis, users only can achieve with more expensive software.

The "automatic counting" function provided by Mosaic 2.2 adopts Tucsen's latest edge recognition processing algorithm, which can improve the accuracy, objectivity and statistical analysis efficiency of counting! It can output all target measurements and statistical analysis results at one time while completing the count. Guided steps can be operated by everyone, and it is completely free to Tucsen camera users!

You can refer to the following video to understand the automatic cell counting process. Of course, in addition to cells, you can also apply "automatic counting" to more statistical analysis of microparticles.


2)Image stitching speed +50%
Tucsen Mosaic 2.2 software also optimizes the core algorithms “real-time image stitching”. Under the situation of keep imaging quality unchanged, the efficiency of image stitching is increased for around 50%. this means the users can perform computational imaging operations on high-resolution images at near real-time speeds.
Mosaic2.2 also synchronically adds image deconvolution, calibration ruler authority management, measurement parameter group saving and other functions. The overall performance of the software is stronger and the functions are more perfect.

Sincerely welcome all new and old users to share experience with us on this new application and more function need. We’ll keep in touch for feedback, regularly optimize and upgrade the software version, create a more simple but efficient microscopic working mode for you.


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