[ Software ] Introduction to Scientific Camera Software


Multiple camera control software packages are available, providing solutions to fit a range of requirements for simplicity, custom control and programming, and integration into existing setups. Different cameras offer compatibility with different software packages.

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Mosaic is the new software package from Tucsen. With powerful camera control, Mosaic offers a rich feature set from a simple-to-use interface to more advanced analytical tools such as biological cell counting. For monochrome scientific cameras, Mosaic 1.6 is recommended. For colour cameras, Mosaic V2 offers an even more expanded feature set and a new UI.

Micromanager is open-source software for control and automation of microscope cameras and hardware, widely used in scientific imaging.

MetaMorph is microscopy acquisition, automation and image analysis software from Molecular Devices.

LabVIEW is a graphical programming environment from National Instruments, used by scientists and engineers to develop automated research, validation and production test systems.

Matlab from MathWorks is a programming and numeric computing platform used by scientists and engineers to control hardware, analyze data, develop algorithms, create models.

EPICS is the Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System, an open-source set of software tools, libraries and applications for real-time control systems for scientific instruments and experiments.

MaxIm DL is powerful astronomy camera control software for acquisition, image processing and analysis.

Samplepro is the previous image capture software package from Tucsen. Mosaic is now recommended in its place.

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