Dhyana 400DC

4MP color FSI sCMOS camera for low light imaging.

  • Color sCMOS
  • 6.5μm x 6.5μm Pixel Size
  • 2048 x 2044 Resolution
  • 22fps@8bit, 16fps@16bit
  • USB3.0 Data Interface
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The Dhyana 400DC color sCMOS cooled camera has scientific grade sensitivity and perfect color reproduction, transforming the color scientific camera performance onto another level. With broad FOV and superior dynamic range as well as capacity of effectively suppressing noise, it has inspiring performance even under low light conditions.

  • 16bit Color Reproduction

    The Dhyana 400DC color processing is capable of a level of precision that imitates the color sensitivity of the human eye, producing extreme-high color definition. The 16 bit ADC guarantees the quality of image tone and detailed differences can be resolved so the monitor image is matched to the eyepiece view.

    16bit Color Reproduction
  • Camera Cooling Technology

    The Dhyana 400DC operates at -15 °C to ensure long-term reliable operation, significantly reducing the hot pixels caused by the accumulation of dark current, and obtaining a purer fluorescent background image.

    Camera Cooling Technology
  • Optical Matched Pixel Size

    Get the most from your optical setup. 6.5μm pixels perfectly match the ideal pixel size for High-NA 100x, 60x and 40x microscope objectives, offering optimal spatial sampling and sensitivity. This size also offers well-balanced imaging for lens-based optical setups.

    Optical Matched Pixel Size

Specification >

  • Model: Dhyana 400DC
  • Sensor Type: FSI sCMOS
  • Sensor Model: Gpixel GSENSE2020s
  • Color/Mono: Color
  • Array Diagonal : 18.8mm
  • Resolution: 4MP, 2048(H)x2044(V)
  • Pixel Size: 6.5μm x 6.5μm
  • Effective Area: 13.3mm x 13.3mm
  • Readout Noise: HighGain: 1.7e-
  • Frame Rate: 22fps@8bit; 16fps@16bit
  • Dynamic Range: 86.6dB
  • Full-Well Capacity: Typical: 45ke-
  • Shutter Type: Rolling
  • Exposure Time: 21μs-10s
  • Cooling Method: Forced air
  • Cooling Temperature: Forced air ( Ambient at +25℃): -10℃
  • Dark Current: 0.12 e-/pixel/s @ -10℃
  • Binning: 2x2
  • ROI: Support
  • Trigger Mode: Hardware & Software
  • Output Trigger Signals: Exposure, Global, Readout
  • Data Interface: USB3.0
  • Trigger Interface: Hirose
  • Data Bit Depth: 16bit
  • Optical Interface: C-mount
  • Power Supply: 12V/8A
  • Power Consumption: 50W
  • Dimensions : 120mm x 119mm x 121mm
  • Weight: 1853g
  • Software: Mosaic/LabVIEW/Matlab/Micromanager
  • SDK: Support
  • Operating System: Windows/Linux
  • Operating Environment: Temperature 0~40°C/Humidity 10~85%
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Applications >

Download >

  • Dhyana 400DC Brochure

    Dhyana 400DC Brochure

    download zhuanfa
  • Dhyana 400DC Dimension

    Dhyana 400DC Dimension

    download zhuanfa
  • Dhyana External Trigger Instructions

    Dhyana External Trigger Instructions

    download zhuanfa
  • Software-Mosaic V1.6.9

    Software-Mosaic V1.6.9

    download zhuanfa
  • Plugin-Labview ( with user guide )

    Plugin-Labview ( with user guide )

    download zhuanfa
  • Plugin-Matlab ( with user guide )

    Plugin-Matlab ( with user guide )

    download zhuanfa
  • Plugin-MetaXpress ( with user guide )

    Plugin-MetaXpress ( with user guide )

    download zhuanfa
  • Plugin-Micromanager ( with user guide )

    Plugin-Micromanager ( with user guide )

    download zhuanfa
  • Driver-TUCam Camera Driver V1.5.0.1

    Driver-TUCam Camera Driver V1.5.0.1

    download zhuanfa

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