GT 12

12MP USB2.0 CMOS Camera with Frame Rate Greatly Improved.

  • 7.77mm Diagonal FOV
  • 4000 x 3000 Resolution
  • 1.34μm x 1.34μm Pixel Size
  • 15fps@12MP
  • USB2.0
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The GT 12 is a 12MP CMOS camera that adopts Tucsen’s innovative graphics acceleration technology, which greatly improves the USB 2.0 frame rate under the premise of ensuring the original image output. This makes the GT 12 the first choice for users wanting simple and economical microscopic imaging.

  • Graphics Accelerated Technology

    With new graphics accelerated technology, the frame rate of the GT USB 2.0 is greatly improved whilst maintaining the fidelity of the original image output.

    Graphics Accelerated Technology
  • Professional Image Algorithms

    Tucsen color algorithms fully cater to the different needs of users regarding color in biological and industrial settings, helping biological users solve the problem of color authenticity and helping industrial users to solve issues such as the strong reflection of metals.

    Professional Image Algorithms
  • Intelligent software Mosaic V2

    The Mosaic V2 Software contains four module functions of "Capture-processing-measurement-reporting" and integrates various intelligent image processing algorithms, such as automatic exposure and automatic white balance, to capture your desired image with just one click.

    Intelligent software Mosaic V2

Specification >

  • Model: GT 12.0
  • Sensor Type: CMOS
  • Sensor Model: SONY IMX206CQC
  • Color/Mono: Color
  • Array Diagonal: 7.77mm
  • Resolution: 12MP, 4000(H)x3000(V)
  • Pixel Size: 1.34μmx1.34μm
  • Effective Area: 5.4mmx4.0mm
  • Shutter Mode: Rolling
  • Frame Rate: 15fps@USB2.0
  • Exposure Time: 1μs-1s941ms
  • PC Software: Mosaic V2
  • Picture Format: TIFF/JPG/PNG/DICOM
  • Multiple Cameras: Supports 4 Cameras Simultaneously in SDK
  • SDK: C/C++, C#, Directshow/Twain
  • Optical Interface: Standard C Mount
  • Power: 2W
  • Dimensions: 68x68x42.5mm
  • Camera Weight: 236g
  • Operating System: Windows 7/10 (32 Bit/64 Bit)/Mac
  • PC Configuration: CPU: Intel Core i5 or better(Quad or more Core), RAM: 8G or more,
  • Data Interface: USB2.0
  • Operating Environment: Temperature:0~40℃ ;Humidity:10%~85%
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Applications >

Download >

  • GT Series Brochure

    GT Series Brochure

    download zhuanfa
  • GT Series Dimensions

    GT Series Dimensions

    download zhuanfa
  • Software-Mosaic V2.4.1 (Windows)

    Software-Mosaic V2.4.1 (Windows)

    download zhuanfa
  • Software-Mosaic V2.3.1 (Mac)

    Software-Mosaic V2.3.1 (Mac)

    download zhuanfa
  • Plugin-Directshow and Twain

    Plugin-Directshow and Twain

    download zhuanfa
  • Driver-TUCam Camera Driver

    Driver-TUCam Camera Driver

    download zhuanfa

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