Darkfield Cell Imaging – New species of the genus Spio (Annelida, Spionidae) from the southern and western coasts of Korea



Adult specimens examined in the present study were collected from the intertidal zones of the southern and western coasts of Korean waters using 500 μm-mesh sieves. The observations were performed for both live and fixed specimens. The live specimens were relaxed in 10% MgCl2 solution, and morphological characteristics were observed under a stereomicroscope (Leica MZ125; Germany). Photographs were taken using a digital camera (Tucsen Dhyana 400DC; Fuzhou Fujian, China) with a capture program (Tucsen Mosaic version 15; Fuzhou Fujian, China). Morphological examination of Spio specimens from the southern and western coasts of Korea, combined with the molecular analysis of three gene regions from newly collected materials, revealed the presence of a previously undescribed species of Spio, S.pigmentata sp.


Fig1 Spiopigmentata sp. nov. A, B holotype (NIBRIV0000888168), fixed in formalin C, D paratype (NIBRIV0000888167), fixed in formalin A anterior end, dorsal view B anterior end, ventral view C methyl green staining pattern of anterior end, ventral view, white dots (arrows) D neuropodial hooded hooks from chaetiger 15, inconspicuous uppermost tooth (arrow). Scale bars: 0.5 mm (A–C); 20.0 μm D.

Analysis of imaging technology

The discovery of new species requires careful morphological observation. The researchers analyzed the new species Spio located in the southern and western coasts of South Korea. Dhyana 400DC camera was used for sampling observation, as a rare color sCMOS camera on the market, its 6.5 μm pixel can perfectly match the resolution of high power objective phase and provides conditions for displaying morphological differences of new species.

Reference source

Lee GH, Meißner K, Yoon SM, Min GS. New species of the genus Spio (Annelida, Spionidae) from the southern and western coasts of Korea. Zookeys. 2021;1070:151-164. Published 2021 Nov 15. doi:10.3897/zookeys.1070.73847

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