High-Temperature-Tolerant Fungus and Oomycetes in Korea, Including Saksenaea longicolla sp. nov.



Global temperatures are steadily increasing, leading to significant changes in microbial diversity and ecology.In the present study, researchers isolated high-temperature-growing fungi and fungi-like group (Oomycota) strains from freshwater environments of Korea and identified them based on cultural, morphological, and multilocus phylogenetic analyses. This study confirms the presence of high-temperature-tolerant fungi and oomycetes in Korea and suggests that the Korean climate conditions are changing in favor of these species. This indicates that climate warming is altering microbial distributions in freshwater environments.


Fig.Cultural and morphological characteristics of Saksenaea longicolla sp. nov. NNIBRFG21789 (SAK-07) on PDA (A, B), V8A (C, D), CMA (E, F), MEA (G, H), and CZA (I, J) after 72 h at 25 °C (A, C, E, G, I: observed view; B, D, F, H, J: reverse view). Microscopic structures: sporangiophore under a stereoscopic microscope (K, L) and under a light microscope (M, N), sporangiospores (O, P).

Analysis of imaging technology

The readout noise of Dhyana 400DC is only 2.0 electrons, which is only one third of that of traditional mainstream scientific CCD, and the SIGNal-to-noise ratio reaches an unprecedented high. Whether in bright field or dark field, the stable cooling effect can significantly reduce the dark current, improve the signal-to-noise ratio, and improve the image quality and sensitivity. 1.2 "provides a wider field of view for the microscope observer, providing a more direct full-frame field of view. 6.5μm pixels are ideal pixel sizes for high-NA 100x, 60x, and 40x microscope objectives, providing optimal spatial sampling and sensitivity.

Reference source

Nam B, Lee D J, Choi Y J. High-Temperature-Tolerant Fungus and Oomycetes in Korea, Including Saksenaea longicolla sp. nov[J]. Mycobiology, 2021, 49(5): 476-490.

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