[ Trigger Interface ] Introduction to Scientific Camera Trigger Interface


Trigger signals are independent timing and control signals that can be sent between hardware along trigger cables. The trigger interface shows which of the trigger cable standards the camera uses.

1 SMA11

Figure 1: SMA interface in the Dhyana 95V2 sCMOS camera

SMA  (short for SubMiniature version A)  is a standard triggering interface based on a low-profile coaxial cable, very commonly used in imaging hardware. Read more about SMA connectors here [link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SMA_connector ].

2 Hirose11

Figure 2: Hirose interface in the FL 20BW CMOS camera

Hirose is a multi-pin interface, providing multiple input or output signals via one single connection to the camera.

3 CC111

Figure 3: CC1 interface in the Dhyana 4040 sCMOS camera

CC1 is a specialized hardware triggering interface located on the PCI-E CameraLink card used by some cameras with CameraLink data interfaces.

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